Our Mission

"To help guide individuals seeking a path to freedom through humanity, compassion, and boundless support."
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Our Vision

Hope Harbor Wellness is ran by people in recovery, for people in recovery.

We have a dedication to serve our clients through a variety of alcohol and drug addiction programs. We have a firm belief that it is possible for YOU to achieve and sustain long-term recovery from addiction.

To many in society, those that struggle with substance addiction are deemed hopeless and irreparable. However, with our individualized drug rehab treatment planning and compassionate approach, we want to empower you to find a happy, joyous, and free life from substances is possible.

It is our vision to watch individuals arrive as a fragmented version of themselves and assist them in finding their true selves in recovery.

Our Values


We always work with integrity, sincerity, truthfulness and fairness.


We understand that we are working with people and will always show up to serve with standards of humanity, care and dignity.


We provide care immersed in understanding and sympathy.


We strive for proficiency and the capability to diligently aid.


We consider, acknowledge, and validate each persons’ need for courteousness.


We believe it is critical to meet people where they are at and reinforce their personal needs through working with them.

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Our History

Hope Harbor Wellness was formed in 2020 by a woman in recovery who has dedicated her life to serving others seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Kaitlin Harden, the founder of Hope Harbor Wellness, had been working in the field of substance abuse treatment for years before she decided to open a treatment program of her own.

This company was started and founded upon the principles to operate with honesty, integrity, transparency, and unwavering intention to show up respectfully to serve others. As a person in recovery herself, Kaitlin understands every aspect of addiction and has acknowledged the proper training necessary to help those seeking recovery navigate the process of their needs in reclamation of their lives.

What sets Hope Harbor Wellness apart from other rehab treatment centers is the passion and empathy our founder has for clients and employees alike. It is our goal to provide a space of healing and accepting attitudes so that each individual cared for at Hope Harbor Wellness finds an opportunity to grow and discover a pathway to their highest selves.

We're with you every step of the way
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